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Fierce Cologne - Eau De Cologne

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Unleash your boldness and exude confidence with Abercrombie Fierce Cologne

Elevate your presence with Abercrombie Fierce Cologne - a fragrance that embodies confidence and allure. Embrace your individuality with this Abercrombie scent that promises an unforgettable experience. There's a reason why this scent is one of the most sought after colognes for men.

What does Fierce Cologne smell like?

Immerse yourself in the captivating blend of top notes including petit grain, cardamom, lemon, orange, and fir - awakening your senses with their invigorating aromas.

As the fragrance unfolds on your skin throughout the day or night, middle notes of jasmine, rosemary, rose, lily of the valley, and sage add an air of elegance and sophistication to your persona. These refined scents create an aura that demands attention.

The rich base notes of vetiver, musk, oakmoss, rosewood, and sandalwood provide a warm embrace that lingers on your skin long after application. This exquisite combination leaves a trail of intrigue wherever you go.

Experience the iconic Fierce Cologne at an unmatched price. Unleash your inner assertiveness with this premium fragrance that exudes luxury and exclusivity. Make a statement like no other with Abercrombie Fierce Cologne.

Fierce Cologne Review

This is a review from Best Men's Colognes...

"Fierce quite simply is a cologne that will get a man complemented. It isn’t an insanely strong scent or anything like that but it is one that leaves a sweet aroma which lingers for a bit. The citrus notes of lemon and orange are there but sometimes it’s difficult to notice their impact on the fragrance because they are used so subtly."