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Pure Crystal Perfume - Eau De Parfum

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The floral scent joins with a woody musk to provide the perfect contrast of sweet and earthy. Top notes of grenadine, apple, and freesia open the scent. Grenadine is a bright red, sweet, viscous syrup with a bitter, sweet, tart, and fruity smell. The sweetness of apple combines with that to produce a perfectly sweet and sour smell. Freesia, a southern African plant in the iris family, ands a floral twist to the scent. Middle notes of lotus, peony, and jasmine form the heart of this fragrance. Lotus, a water lily, brings in a dreamy forgetfulness to the feeling of the perfume. Peony smells like a bouquet of flowers, while jasmine adds a sweet, rich fragrance. Sandalwood and ambergris finish the fragrance. Sandalwood comes from a class of woods that is fine-grained and extremely aromatic. Interestingly, these woods retain their fragrance for decades. Ambergis, on the other hand, is an extremely rare scent, that contributes to the uniqueness of the fragrance.
  • Top notes: Grenade, Apple, Freesia
  • Heart notes: Lotus, Peona, Jasmine
  • Base notes: Musk, Amber, Blond Wood
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