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Le Male Cologne - Eau De Toilette

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Since Jean Paul Gaultier's first men's collection, he has shown men that they can indulge in the forbidden, and that a kilt or dress can be worn with virility. A reminder to them that nothing in life is totally black or white, but is always a blend. Just as he made the woman in a corset as the symbol and bottle of his feminine fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier now transforms the man in a sailor's T-shirt into both the symbol and bottle of LE MALE.

From the uniform of the masses and award winning fragrances, to the dreamlike fashions showcased in his runway shows, Jean Paul Gaultier remains convinced that fashion will always have a special place in our lives: “It’s about a need for visual recognition, staking a claim.” A man of conviction, he sees himself more as a revolutionary, systematically calling into question clichés, standards, codes, conventions and traditions. He turns, shifts and flips them around - even destroys them - in his bid to reinvent them

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