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Lucky Wish Perfume - Eau De Toilette

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Anna Sui’s Lucky Wish takes the magic of a fairy kingdom into a new dimension. More ethereal and dreamy than Secret Wish, Lucky Wish is infused with a transforming power that makes the extraordinary happen.

Lucky Wish opens with a melodic dance of frozen lemon, tangerine, and lively pomelo that create a zesty vivacity that carries through the heart of the fragrance. Gorgeous yellow freesia and fresh cut bamboo create a soft fruity essence in the mid notes. Notes of creamy sandalwood and delicate musk provide a comforting base to round out this magic potion.
  • Top Notes: Frozen Lemon Juicy, Tangerine Pomelo
  • Mid Notes: Yellow Freesia, Fresh Bamboo, Peony, Orchid
  • Base Notes: Fresh Musk, Creamy Sandalwood, Crystallized Amber
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