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Anna Sui Lucky Wish EDT 2.5 oz - Perfume

Anna Sui’s Lucky Wish takes the magic of a fairy kingdom into a new dimension. More ethereal and dreamy than Secret Wish, Lucky Wish is infused with a transforming power that makes the extraordinary happen.

Lucky Wish opens with a melodic dance of frozen lemon, tangerine, and lively pomelo that create a zesty vivacity that carries through the heart of the fragrance. Gorgeous yellow freesia and fresh cut bamboo create a soft fruity essence in the mid notes. Notes of creamy sandalwood and delicate musk provide a comforting base to round out this magic potion.
  • Top Notes: Frozen Lemon Juicy, Tangerine Pomelo
  • Mid Notes: Yellow Freesia, Fresh Bamboo, Peony, Orchid
  • Base Notes: Fresh Musk, Creamy Sandalwood, Crystallized Amber
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A graceful rendition of the elusive clean, floral blend with notes of delicate flower blossoms including different sharp and light smelling aroma grounded in a very sensual but sheer musk. A powerful exquisite perfume adds in perfection to your self being. To be wrapped and cradled in an enchanting scent on your skin is a magic all on it’s own! The refined majestic liquid scents will make you love yourself better and make your place powerful for others to appreciate your worth. The love air created by your good perfume adds in extra to your impression by others, to the air, to the strong memories and love, hope and anticipation makes it all beautiful.